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Thursday, May 3, 2012

White Officer Gets Away With Murder Of A Black Man That Give His Life For This Country.

The officer who shot and killed 68-year old Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. in his ownapartment was cleared of all criminal charges on Thursday.
Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore said, "We did everything we could and should do to put before that grand jury every piece of relevant and admissible evidence" but ultimately did not find evidence to bring forth an indictment upon Officer Anthony Carelli, who had been identified as Chamberlain's shooter.
Carelli, along with other White Plains police, showed up at Chamberlain's home on November 19 responding to a mistaken medical alert after the former marine had accidentally triggered a device used because of a heart condition.
Despite Chamberlain's insistence no help was needed, a standoff occurred in which police claim Chamberlain attacked the officers with a hatchet, and that the subsequent shooting had been in self-defense.
Months later, it was revealed the officers had used several racial slurs while storming into Chamberlain's home, even allegedly taunting him with a taser gun.
Chamberlain's son condemned the grand jury's decision on Thursday as a "blatant cover up of the murderous tactics" employed by the police department.
In April, Carelli was scheduled to appear in court for a separate police brutality incident stemming from 2008 in which two twin brothers of Jordanian descentclaimed Carelli and his cohorts used police batons to beat the brothers and called them "rag heads."

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