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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Duct Tape To A Chair For Standing Up.

A Bronx teacher is accused of duct taping her student to a chair because he wouldn’t sit down.
Sixth grader Irel Jones said another student was asking him for answers during a test so he got up, but then instructed him to sit down, and then taped to his chair by his teacher.

Jones says his teacher then looked on as his fellow students made fun of him.
‘She duct-taped my arm, my other arm and my stomach together and then she wrapped it [the tape] around the chair twice,’ he told,

‘When he was duct-taped, the students were taking his chair and pushing it around the classroom, and the teacher was grinning’ said the boy’s mother.

The Department of Education said the teacher is still employed within the New York City schools system while it conducts an investigation.

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