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Friday, May 4, 2012

You Don't Always Need A Big Dog To Chase Off Dumbs

Here are two dumb thieves who remind me of Rocky and Mugsy from the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. One guy is the brains, the other guy is the muscle, but both are totally out classed by a cartoonish little animal. 
As soon as thieves walked through the door their whole plan (which was probably thought up on the way to the liquor store) completely fell apart. The big dumb guy holding the gun saw the barking little dog coming at him and he turned to run away. He probably would have run all the way home if he hadn't been repeatedly pushed back in the store by his partner, but maybe he just wanted to run back to the car and try another liquor store with less security.  
Between trying to keep the big dumb guy from fleeing and fighting off a little dog I doubt the robbery yielded a big payday. Even if everything had gone smoothly, robbing a liquor store is incredibly dumb because the most they could get out of it was maybe a hundred bucks.They'd actually be better off stealing all the good liquor behind the counter. At least whatever they couldn't sell they could just drink themselves. And that'd be good for them because it's going to take a lot of liquor to lessen the humiliating sting of running away from a chihuahua.

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