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Friday, May 11, 2012

Wrong Price, Gets Hot Coffee In Face of Donut Shop Employee

A Philadelphia man allegedly threw blistering hot coffee at a donut shop employee after a dispute over a $2.40 bill.
Philadelphia police have allegedly identified David Timbers as the man who was caught on tape Tuesday morning throwing a large styrofoam cup filled with coffee at 27-year-old Sok Caea, the employee behind the counter.
The alleged assault happened Tuesday morning after a man identified later as Timbers claimed he had already paid for the sandwich he ordered. When the woman asked him to pay up, he became outraged, according to WPVI-TV.
"I paid for my sandwich, lady," the man is heard saying on the surveillance recording released by Philadelphia police. "Listen, I paid for my sandwich. I don't need $2.25 or whatever you charged me... $2.40."
Afer a profanity-laced rant, the man on the tape pried the coffee out of a worker's hands and threw it on her.
Caea, who recently moved from Cambodia, suffered severe burns as a result of the assault, but was back at work on Thursday, according to her translator.
"She's doing okay, she's doing fine right now just hurt a little bit," the translator told WABC-TV.

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