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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Woman Beats Up Boyfriend For Watching Too Much Porn.

A Hobe Sound man's expensive taste for small screen adult entertainment led to a violent domestic dispute, Martin County Sheriff's officers report.
When Robin Caccavale Bottieri, 51, called the cable company to find out why her cable had been shut off, she learned of an outstanding charge of $400 for "pornography shows," according to the arrest affidavit.
On April 23, she confronted her live-in boyfriend, who confessed to ordering the hundreds of dollars worth of porn. In response, Bottieri spit on him and he returned by shoving her on the couch.
The physical fight escalated, police say, Bottieri ripping off the boyfriend's shirt in the tussle.
When Bottieri called 911, the boyfriend left the residence but was later found.
Because Bottieri made contact with her boyfriend against his will, she was arrested and charged with domestic battery.
Pornography, both online and on TV, is a constant source of domestic strife -- particularly in Florida and the neighboring states.

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