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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Man Pulls Both Guns On Cops, Gets Shot Twice.

A naked, gun-wielding man went on a wild shooting spree on a quiet street in Bloomington, Ind., this morning, cops said.
Nobody was hurt -- except for the unidentified suspect, who was shot twice and wounded by officers after he allegedly pointed his gun at them, the Herald-Timesreported.


Cops said that they received two emergency calls at about 7 a.m., one saying that a naked man was screaming and setting off fireworks, and another reporting that the nudist was firing bullets into the back of a house, according to a press release obtained by the paper.
"Multiple shell casings from a 9mm firearm have been recovered from gunshots fired by the suspect prior to the arrival of officers. Initial damage has been noted to three vehicles and the back door of the residence of the second caller," the release stated.
When officers arrived, the suspect allegedly continued waving his gun around. When he was told to put the firearm down, cops said he pointed the gun at an officer, who fired four shots and one bullet struck the man. But the man reportedly got back upand pointed his gun again, so a second officer pumped a round into him, the Associated Press reported.
Cops didn't immediately say how badly the suspect was injured.
Herald-Times reader posted pictures taken from his window of the alleged gunman. They appear to show the man standing in the street completely naked, except for a yellow and green hat.
A second photo shows officers -- appearing to wield assault rifles -- arresting the man.

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