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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Woman Has Baby By Daughter's 16-Year -Old Boyfriend.

Six weeks ago, Mayra Gonzalez gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The circumstances surrounding the baby's birth, however, were not so healthy, and now the new mother faces more time behind bars than on a breast pump.
Gonzalez's newborn was allegedly the product of an affair she had with her oldest daughter's boyfriend, a 16-year-old she told investigators she is in love with, CBS Los Angeles reported.
Arrested Thursday, the Santa Ana, Calif. mother of three has been charged with six felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor under 16 and two felony counts of oral copulation with a minor under 18, the Orange County District Attorney's office said in a press release. Gonzalez allegedly developed a relationship with the teen that resulted in six sexual encounters between July 1 and Dec. 24, 2011.
"Apparently, it was continuously happening until people in the neighborhood saw it was going on," Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna told CBS Los Angeles. "They confronted the victim in this case, and he confessed to the fact that it was happening."


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