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Thursday, April 5, 2012

White Woman Drives Across Highway To Hit A Black Teen Head On.

A collision between a Jeep and a go-cart in Pearland, Texas has sparked a race debate that’s initiated a flood of phone calls and e-mails from across the country.

But while people on the outside are debating race, those close to what happened are shutting down that argument. Still, they have a problem with what’s occurred and a bigger problem that the woman hasn’t been arrested.

“Race is not an issue, what is an issue is right and wrong,” said the victim’s father Jules Moor. Moor has filed a lawsuit against the woman who investigators say drove her Jeep Wrangler into his 13-year-old son’s go-cart on March 13, 2012, as he was riding in the 2600 block of Lakecrest Drive, where he lives.

His son was rushed to the hospital with head and neck injuries. “I don’t think, I know for a fact that she intentionally did it,” said Moor. “She left from the northbound lane, crossed over into the southbound lane, jumped the curb and hit my son head on in his go-cart.”

The Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office did not arrest the woman at the scene or charge her with a crime. Instead, investigators chose to take it to a grand jury. Moor is frustrated and wants charges filed against the woman, who lives around the corner from him. “I want justice to happen. I want a felony charge to be taken against this woman,” Moor said.

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