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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Racism Shows Up In Elementary School Class Photo.

A second grader at Sawgrass Elementary School in Sunrise, Fla., who didn't have the parental consent form to be his class photo was nevertheless included, but in a way that has shocked school officials and the boy's parents, WPLG TV reports.

Per the elementary school's request, The Huffington Post blurred the faces of the other students in the photo, but the second grade boy can still be seen with a crude, brown-colored, smiley face placed over his face.

"It was totally inappropriate," Broward School District spokeswoman Marsy Smith told WPLG.

Smith also said Sherry Rose, the school's principal, was shocked when she first saw the photo.

"She was very, very upset and immediately took action to reschedule a picture-taking session for Thursday."


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