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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Woman Kills Her Boyfriend For Taking Up Too Much Space In Bed.

WASHINGTON -- A jury exonerated a District of Columbia woman who killed her boyfriend last June when he became abusive after she asked him to "get on the couch or just scoot over" in bed.
According to The Washington Post:
A D.C. Superior Court jury found that Patricia A. Cave, 50, acted in self-defense when she stabbed Lamont Warren, 36, in the chest. Prosecutors said Cave, who had spent the evening drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes Warren had brought her, became angry when he refused to slide over on the bed to make room for her.
But Cave’s attorney, Santha Sonenberg, argued that Warren became angry when Cave tried to move him and that he grabbed her by the throat and choked her.
Cave stabbed Warren with a knife that was on her nightstand, according to authorities, who charged her with voluntary manslaughter while armed.

Cave and Warren had a violent history. According to the Post, Cave had sought a restraining order against Warren in the months before the stabbing. Cave's defense attorney argued that Warren was a "diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic and, according a veteran’s hospital, had thought about killing people," according to Homicide Watch D.C.

But Cave reportedly would agree to see Warren when he brought her alcohol and cigarettes -- in a videotaped interview played for the jury, Cave said that Warren had brought these things to her home on the night he was killed.

In an earlier story, the Post described what transpired that night in more detail:
When [Cave] returned to her bed, she told the detectives, she found Warren sprawled on top of her covers. “I said, ‘Can you get on the couch or just scoot over?’ ” Cave said Warren refused to roll over and began berating her. Then, she said, he grabbed her by the throat and choked her. Cave said she reached for a knife on her nightstand, the two started wrestling and the knife plunged into Warren’s chest.

Cave reportedly hugged family members and jurors, and shouted “Thank you, Jesus!” after being acquitted on Thursday.


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