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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tennessee Man Help Catch A Child Molester

A Tennessee man has been applauded for thinking quickly and putting himself on the line to help catch a suspected child molester.

Dale Urquat says he looked through his fence and saw a man, identified by police as Robert Bumpus, molesting a girl in his car parked in an alley, according to WAFF.

First, Urquat called two people to help, then he hopped in his car and drove to block Bumpus in the Lawrenceburg alley last Tuesday, WKSR reported.

Bumpus tried to escape, colliding his car with Urquat's vehicle. The suspect got out of the car and tried to run away, but was captured by Urquat. A fight broke out and Bumpus brandished a razor, but Urquat got the blade away from him.

Police charged Bumpus with sexual assault and Urquat plans to testify in court.

Man Catches Child Molester
Dale Urquat looked over his fence and saw a man allegedly sexually abusing a child. He helped restrain the man until police came.


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