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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Man Kicks Girlfriend In Stomach, Saying She Doesn't Deserve Baby.

A Minnesota man is charged with attempted murder of an unborn child and domestic assault for allegedly stomping on the stomach of his pregnant on-again, off-again girlfriend.

Kenneth Turner has been arrested at least twice for felony-level domestic assault, according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Huffington Post. Fridley Police Lt. Mike Monsrud also told HuffPost that officers from his department have been called at least 13 times in the past two years for domestic-related disturbances involving the couple.

This time, Turner went to his ex-girlfriend's apartment in Fridley around 3:30 a.m. Friday morning and allegedly assaulted her for three hours, kicking, punching, and choking the woman during an argument about their relationship, local CBS affiliate WCCO reported. At one point, Turner allegedly ordered her to lie on her back on the bed and then used both feet to stomp on her stomach, according to criminal charges obtained by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

The victim told authorities that she is two months pregnant and, during the attack, Turner said she "did not deserve the baby" and that he was going to kill it, KARE 11 reported.

While the woman experienced vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, Lt. Monsrud told Huffpost that tests conducted on Monday showed that the fetus is still alive.

Turner's bail has been set at $500,000 and he is forbidden from having contact with the victim. He is scheduled to appear in court on May 14.

Kenneth Turner Pregnant Girlfriend


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