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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Woman Rapes A 14 Year Old Boy

An Ohio woman has been charged with kidnapping, assault and rape after a 14-year-old boy reported she forced him into her home at knife-point and sexually assaulted him, authorities said.

Jamie Nichole Phillips, 20, faces up to 31 years in prison for the alleged crimes, which police say occurred April 7 at her Eastwood Drive apartment in Union Township.

Phillips is being held in the Clermont County Jail. Her cash bond is set at $200,000. She would have to post the entire amount to be released.

"She's alleged to have approached this boy in the parking lot of her apartment complex," Clermont County Prosecutor Don White told The Huffington Post.

"With a knife she forced [the victim] to go back to her apartment and forced him to participate in sexual acts," White said.

Phillips allegedly threatened the teen by placing the knife against his throat and chest, police said.

The alleged rape was interrupted when someone knocked on the woman's door and the boy fled. The boy told his friends about the incident and they encouraged him to come forward. The victim's family filed a police report on Easter Sunday.

According to police, investigators found a knife and other supporting evidence in Phillips' apartment. A Clermont County grand jury indicted her Wednesday for kidnapping, felonious assault, rape and unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

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