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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Woman Looking For Baby Daddy On Craigslist.

If you were the guy at the Megadeth and Motorhead concert with a red mohwak and viper piercings then one lady has something you left behind – your baby.At least that is one womans claim on Craigslists Missed Connections for Chicago and posted anonymously.

Obviously a man with a red mohawk at a Megadeth concert does not narrow things down, but the lady with blue hair and black biker boots does recall some intimate details.

Explicit details: The Craigslist post seeking the unknown father carries graphic details of the pairs sexual encounterIn the post, which has been removed from the website, the woman outlines their sexual encounter in the bathroom of the Aragon Ballroom in February.

Inspired by Motorheads Lemmy and his hits such as Ace of Spades, the girl who does not seem to remember the father-to-bes name has a rather blunt message for the man with the red mohawk,
Anyway, Im pregnant. Its yours. Contact me if you want to be part of your childs life, said the post.

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