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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Field Trip To Jail, Kindergarteners Locked In Cell.

Parents were outraged to discover the library field trip they'd signed off on for their children ended with kindergarteners being locked in jail cells.

Sunnyside Elementary School in the Chicago suburb Berkeley reportedly issued permission slips informing parents of a planned field trip to Hillside Public Library and Villaga Hall to "explore community resources," according to CBS Chicago. But some parents and relatives say their students returned home with stories of being locked in jail cells and shown police vests and gun holsters, and that school administrators aren't providing any answers to why the field trip veered off course.

Flora Ware, whose grandson Stephen Stovall, 6, was on the field trip, told the Chicago Sun-Times' Mary Mitchell that the trip didn't seem appropriate for children so young.

"We are wondering what they are prepping him for? What are they saying to kindergartners? If you don't listen to us, this is where you are going to end up?" Ware told the newspaper.

Another parent suggested a trip to some of the prestigious universities in the area would have been a more beneficial learning experience than learning about bullet proof vests and Tasers.

Michael Holub, Police Chief in nearby suburban La Grange, says police stations are a common stop in community education trips, but that his programming typically targets older children and does not include lockups or displaying weapons, according to Fox News.

School administrators have yet to respond to questions about the field trip.


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