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Monday, April 9, 2012

Young Black Males Are Not Safe Anywhere

    • A teen was shot to death for refusing to give up his tennis shoes to robbers, according to MyFoxChicago. 
Sergio Pinex, 18, was returning home from the store with a friend on Thursday morning in Gary, Indiana when robbers pulled beside them and demanded their money and  shoes.

The victim’s grandmother Frances Pinex said, “It was the other guy’s shoes. They took the shoes off the other guy and he didn’t have no money on him, I don’t know if they took his wallet or not, but he refused to get down when they told him to get down. It’s so hard, so hard to believe that he’s gone.”

Pinex’s friend gave up his shoes and wallet and was unharmed. Pinex was shot and killed for refusing to lie down.

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