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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When Will The System Protect Our Children Instead Of Just Wanting The Money.

A toddler found dead in the back of a car last week had been abused for months, according to detectives who discovered him with broken ribs, bad bruises and whip marks all over his body.

Nineteen-month-old Zamontay Green’s body was found on March 25 when police in Tulsa, Oklahoma pulled over a car being driven erratically.

Driver Mica Shoate and passenger Jazmin Williams, both 22, have been charged with murder and permitting child abuse and are being held on $1 million bail.

An autopsy revealed the toddler died from blunt force trauma to the head, but detectives say Zamontay had also suffered a a horrifying catalogue of injuries in the months before his death.

Zamantay Green, 19 months, who was found dead in a car stopped by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 25.
He had broken ribs, multiple bruises, subdural haemorrhage, abdominal trauma, and ‘loop marks’ on his legs, the result of being whipped with a rope.

Jazmin Williams and Mica Shoate claim they were driving the 19-month-old to hospital when their car was pulled over by police at 7pm.

They deny murder and insist they’re innocent of abusing the toddler – but their revelations to police paint a bleak and tragic tale of Zamontay’s short life.

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