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Monday, April 2, 2012

Black Child Begs For Life After Bring Shot In Head

Four year old Isaiah Nicholas is now in a coma after being shot in the head by a man who fired on a group of children at a playground in Houston.  The boy held his mother’s hand in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, repeatedly saying “Mama, I don’t want to die,” during the drive.

He is now unconscious in critical condition at Hermann Memorial Children’s Hospital.  Houston police say that the suspect is known, but remains at large.  There was reportedly an argument that started before the shooting began.

Isaiah’s grandmother, Lisa Ceasar, says that she heard arguing before the gun shots at 5 pm and came out on her porch.   The man was reportedly aiming at the porch and a game room where children were playing, including Isaiah.

“I saw that man shooting up my house and the bullets flying.”

After the shooting started, that’s when Lisa went into the house to find her son lying on the ground, next to his two year old brother Adrian.  He was covered in blood.

The shooting of Isaiah Nicholas is yet another call to arms for all of us who insist upon putting an end to this kind of senseless violence within the black community.  I personally recall a similar incident this year in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, where a child was shot in the head after a man fired bullets into the home after an argument.  In another incident in Memphis, a one year old boy was shot after an argument.  The list of such tragedies is long enough to fill this page many times over.

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