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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Did Zimmerman Father Call In A Favor To Save His Son...Again?

An attorney for Trayvon Martin's family expressed concern over the role Robert Zimmerman, the father of the man who shot and killed Martin, may have played in the investigation of the shooting.

In an interview with ThinkProgress, Natalie Jackson said that the elder Zimmerman, a former magistrate judge, understands "“what probable cause needs to be” in order to arrest a suspect or to issue a warrant. Robert Zimmerman was present when the police questioned his son the day after the shooting and re-enacted the incident.

Jackson told ThinkProgress that the elder Zimmerman's presence was possibly inappropriate because "we don't know what coaching went on."

In the minutes before the shooting, George Zimmerman called 911 to report that Martin, a 17-year-old from Miami Gardens, Fl., as "suspicious." Martin was unarmed, and was returning home from a convenience store that evening, carrying his cellphone, $22 in his walet, a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea. Zimmerman admitted to shooting and killing Martin, after a confrontation. Zimmerman, who claimed self-defense, was not charged or arrested in the shooting. Activists from around the country have held rallies and protests to call for charges to be brought against Zimmerman.

On Monday, Robert Crump, who represents Martin's family along with Jackson, sent a letter to the Justice Department which said that on the night of the shooting "family members of shooter George Zimmerman were present at the police department".

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