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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Would You Let a Crackhead Babysit Your Child?

Lil Wayne is a notorious drug addict, in fact, his drug addiction is so violent that it permeates much of his lyrics and frankly his life too. I am a strong opponent of any kind of drug use, however, my personal views on drugs are not the point of this article.

The point is that the so called artist is addicted to every kind of drug imaginable, he is high, perhaps 80% of his waking time, and he even shoots documentaries that glamorize the use of drugs. The point is that this drug fiend, this addicted human being with an uncontrollable appetite for extreme highs, has an extreme influence on the children.

The point is that it is insane for us as responsible citizens to allow drug addicted, unstable, human beings to be the role models of future generations. This goes for any other drug addicted celebrity, whether it’s Gaga, Rush Limbaugh or Kate Moss.

I use Lil Wayne because his drug abuse is disturbingly apparent, and his drugged mind is beyond any point of return. The corporate mass media is of course glad to push drug addicts as heroes, for two important reasons. The first is that drugs are big business on both sides of the fence, they feed the private, corporate, prison machine. Drugs also feed the minds of millions who lead a vacuous lifestyle and are in need of extreme distractions. Thus, the corporations are more than happy to drug up the people, literally and figuratively. The second reason is that the corporate media wants to put drug addicted puppets in front of our faces, because they will lead us nowhere. Drug addicts, like Lil Wayne, cannot lead a marching band, let alone a revolution. Drug addicts as heroes and idols is the safest way to insure that the children are lead to an abyss of political numbness.

I am sure that any sane person would agree that our children’s minds are precious and vital for the future, then why would we leave our children’s minds in the hands of drug addicts? Why would we allow drugged up fools to babysit the minds of our children. Would you allow the crack addict down the street to babysit your kids?

If the revolution is to materialize, the new generation must be sober, clear headed and ready to spearhead an intellectual attack on the corrupt ruling class. Sadly, Lil Wayne is nothing but a puppet of the ruling class.

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