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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is This A Race For President Or Just About Race?

Rick Tyler is with the pronewt gingrich winning our super pac, he was n aide to the former speaker. when mr. gingrich talked tonight about the president as an entertainer in chief, someone who ought to stop singing and dealing with the problems of the country, i hear racially coded language there. i hear mr. gingrich trying to appeal to southern white conservatives who may be responding to essentially racially biassed coded language about the president that's designed to call on the african-american achievement in this country. am i wrong to see it in this country?

 It's bologna.

 If you want to talk about race, the republican party was started by abraham lincoln . six of the nine planks in the 1856 platform were civil rights platform. if you go back to the democratic platform, it's a racist platform. we can go down this road.

What about tonight. can you talk about what happened to the parties after the civil war , and for reconstruction and through this past century. when mr. gingrich -- i will go to the naacp and tell them to be dissatisfied with paychecks. this president is an entertainer in chief. there's a pattern here of very obviously racially coded language. that has nothing to do with the parties in the civil war .

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