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Monday, January 16, 2012

A letter from the 1%.

I do not need to defend myself, but you need to defend your belly from hunger, so shut your mouth and get back to work. I have nothing to defend, I am greedy, I love to hoard, I love to own you, your mind and your children’s future.

I never understood why poor people have children, knowing that they will be the future wage slaves. I always wondered why slaves had children knowing that their children’s lives will be immediately expropriated by my system.

I have nothing to say to you, you are all scum! You rebellious fiends, you need to get back in line, work like a slave and eat the crumbs fed to you. You need to stop thinking in terms of resistance and start behaving along the lines of obedience, obey your thirst for stuff! The more you disobey my system of domination the more you are unlikely of getting a job that pays more than $10 an hour. Shut your mouth protestors, if you lived in Asia you’d be working like slaves for 5 cents an hour, here you work like slaves for $10 an hour. Humanity belongs to me, there is no humanity, just a machine, a productive machine, designed to erase all human emotions.

Sometimes, idiotic journalists ask me why I love money so much, because money is life! Money is blood! Money can buy you anything.

Sometimes, idealistic fools ask me why I love money? Because money is pure, pure control of people’s thoughts and actions. If you pay someone a million dollars they will think whatever you tell them to think. If you pay an athlete 10 million dollars they will go along with everything you tell them to do. Slaves! Money initself is meaningless don’t you see, but I use it to control you and then it really has meaning!
Freedom of ownership is nothing , it is the freedom of being that matters. How can you know anything about the freedom of being when you’re living the life of a wage slave.

If I was poor, I would steal, I would steal bread, I would steal power, I would steal everything from all the billionaires. I am rich, I am filthy rich, so I write the rules, I create the laws, I steal billions from your governments. I bail myself out at will, while you are all starving and struggling to make payments on consumerist drugs you could not afford.

A Billionaire, the one you worship, the one you secretly adore!

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