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Friday, January 20, 2012

Black House Niggaz pick their white savor

With four Republican candidates left in the presidential race, each giving his all in the countdown to the South Carolina primary on Saturday, the GOP electorate is still up for grabs. And despite the persistent "Mitt Romney is inevitable" narrative, for many Republican voters the nominee is anything but a foregone conclusion.

The Root spoke with five prominent black conservatives -- the former chair of the Republican National Committee, a civil rights activist, a former mayor of Cincinnati, a talk-radio host you may remember as the guy who begged John McCain to "take it to Obama" at a town hall in 2008, and a writer and actor best known for his role as Denise's husband on The Cosby Show -- to see which choices they're leaning toward. If their varying, but mostly undecided, outlooks on the race are any indication, this primary season could stretch out quite a bit longer.

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