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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The System Doesn't Care About A Black Man Unless He Is In Handcuffs

Cries of a Helpless Father

            November 29, 2009, my son Davontay was born. I was not allowed to be there because I was not married to the mother and she was in a relationship with someone who does not like me.  By not being there, my name does not appear on his birth certificate and Tennessee Law says I have no rights. Before my son came into this world I was there and have been there every since. I am allowed to see my son, as long as her girlfriend does not feel threaten by me.

            Last summer, my son was shot in the leg while at his mom’s apartment in Whitehaven, in Memphis, TN. He was only 18 months old. Someone shot in one room 13 times, at a couch that the mother sleeps on. At the time, her and her girlfriend was into it. No one has been arrested , nor does anyone have any ideal of who shot my son. At this time, I went to Shelby County Juvenile Court to Establish Paternity Rights (3 times, at $100.00 each time filed ). She receives the paperwork to be in court and I told her of the court dates. She called me the morning of the court dates and told me she was not coming. After going before the Judge, I was told by the Judge, “he would not force her to show up." Child Protective Service places my son back in her care. I went to Shelby County Child Support Service and tried to put myself on child support. I took the DNA test and they sent her the paperwork to bring my son in to take the DNA test. Again, she did not show and nothing was done to stop her from get State Money.

            Now today I sit here typing this letter as my son lays at Le Bonheur Hospital with 3rd degree burns to his lower body. From what I have learned, is my son was with my baby mother’s girlfriend and that she put him is a tub of hot water. This happens Thursday, March 1, 2012 and they do not bring my son to the hospital until 4 pm Friday evening, March 2, 2012. My son suffer in pain for 24 hours with is private parts and his butt peeling skin. Not his mother nor her girlfriend brought him to the hospital, but his aunt brought him to the hospital and told police and hospital staff that it happen earlier Friday morning and that she had him and he fell into the tub. Hospital staff did not buy this and called Memphis Police Department and Child Protective Services. By the end of the night, after everyone had lied, from my son mother to his grandmother, no one knows the truth.

            Instead of my son’s mother staying by his side, she was more worried about the trouble her girlfriend was in. She did not stay at the hospital with him last night, I did. However, today DCS came to visit, and once again, I was told I had no rights to my son. I asked Le Bonheur Social Worker if they could do a DNA test on my son, and me I was told “NO”.  I have done more than any man can do. The court will not help. The State will not help. Who will help me protect my son?

When will I receive my rights as a father and be able to protect my son? After my son is dies and then I will be, call a “dead beat dad.”


  1. Call Nick at FOX13 News in Memphis about this story.



  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your story and hope that there will be a positive outcome soon. As a nurse and mother, it breaks my heart that a child has to suffer in that way. I hope I'll see an update to this story