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Monday, March 12, 2012

Why Is A Black President Having To Go So Far To Prove He Is An American?

I know that back when President Barack Obama called a meeting of the White House Press Corps to dramatically reveal his long-form birth certificate, there were plenty of people who thought it was an excellent move that stuck it to the crazies and especially embarrassed Donald Trump, who went full-birther ahead of the 2012 campaign cycle back when he was a fake candidate for president. And evidently, the Obama administration was among those who thought the decision to release his documents in that fashion was a great idea, because they slapped the birth certificate on a mug and started raising money off of it.

But at the time, I sort of thought that all the White House was doing was giving up power to some lunatics by catering to their dementia, in exchange for not quelling the dementedness at all. Pungent gases denied space will nevertheless flow to the space that remains, and while the "snap polls" that were conducted after the big reveal indicated that "24 percent of Republicans say that doubts they previously had about where Obama was born have been erased," they also noted that birtherism was holding strong in spite of having been shown to be insane:
But there is also discouraging news: More than half of Republicans still aren't buying Obama's story. 18 percent of them told Survey USA that they consider the long-form a forgery, and another 33 percent say they still have doubt. Moreover, nearly 60 percent of Republicans say that they either still consider Obama's birthplace to be open to debate or aren't sure, and 33 percent claim that the president was "definitely" or "probably" born elsewhere. (Among all voters, 77 percent now say that Obama was "definitely" or "probably" born in America.)

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