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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don’t Let My Son Be The Next Trayvon Martin

My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin and his family.  However, I am here in Memphis, Tennessee fighting to keep my son and family from going through what the Martin family is going through now.

My son Devontay is only two years old; at sixteen (16) months, he was shot in the leg after his mother and her paramour got into a physical altercation. His mother learned that her paramour was cheating on her. This was the first time that the mother and her paramour have been violent with each other. The mother ran over the paramour in her parent’s front yard. In addition, the mother was arrested for assaulting me when she was pregnant with my son.

My son was just released from Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital after sustaining 3rd degree burns to his entire glan peins, as well as the sulcus and shaft of his penis. There were also burns to the lateral ankles, the back of his thighs and his proximal tibias (his buttocks).  His injuries were ruled non-accidental. Yet now some 21 days after this happen, no one has been arrested.

The Department of Children’s Services have removed my son and his three (3) sisters from the mother’s care TEMPORARILY. In addition, the Department of Children’s Services is now talking about replacing my son with the same people that allowed him to suffer for thirty (30) hours before taking him to the hospital.  Now the Department of Children’s Services is talking about giving custody to the grandmother that told her daughter to lie to the police about how my son received this burns. To a home were my son is just a check to pay for their lifestyle. My son has been through more than any grown man has had to face in his lifetime and he is only 27 months old.

Please tell me must my son become Trayvon and share his fate before someone is willing to stand up and fight for him. I am not going to wait and I need your help to save him before he ends up on CNN.  

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