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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Six Year Old Dies, After The Court Give Him Back To His Parents. Will This Be My Son Fate?

The parents of a boy who was beaten and starved to death after being placed back into their care have been charged with his murder.

Six-year-old Khalil Wimes died weighing just 28 pounds - the average weight of a two-year-old - and doctors found scars, bruises and cuts all over his frail body.

Police have arrested and charged Tina Wimes, 44, and Floyd Wimes, 48, from South Philadelphia, with his murder.

Khalil’s ‘devastated’ family, who looked after Khalil for three years, are blaming the DHS for releasing the boy back into his parents care despite their history of violence and drug abuse.

The young boy was put back into the care of his parents after his foster mother Alicia Nixon lost a custody battle to adopt him, according to sources.

‘I'm devastated; my whole family is devastated. Anybody who knew us and knew him are devastated,’ Alicia Nixon told Action News.

According to police, Tina and Floyd Wimes drove Khalil to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia at 10.45pm Monday but he was pronounced dead at 11.16pm.

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