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Friday, March 23, 2012

Moms Set Up Fight On Facebook Over Party Invitation

Two mothers arranged a fight via Facebook and brawled outside a school after dropping off their children, a court heard yesterday.

Joanna McVey, 25, and Lorraine Couper, 30, fought near Dunblane Primary School after the online dispute.
Couper warned McVey that she should bring an AK47 assault rifle with her for the fight.

Yesterday, Stirling Sheriff Court heard that the vicious cat fight spilled on to a nearby road at nine o’clock in the morning.

The dispute apparently started after a falling out over who should have been invited to a party McVey had hosted.

Both mothers had been dropping their children off for school when the fight took place – and both were injured. McVey claimed she was left with a ‘sore face’ after being hit by a dog chain.
Following the fight, both McVey and Couper were charged – but proceedings against Couper were later dropped.

In court yesterday, Emma Whyte, prosecuting, said: ‘On the evening of 13 December, Miss Couper was at home using the internet to access a social networking site.

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