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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is Whitney Houston Back Smoking Crack Or Is She Sprung.

It looks like Whitney Houston and Ray-J are sparking that old flame again.
The two were spotted leaving a romantic dinner at the Sunset Plaza and heading to Ray-J's Rolls Royce to escape the paps.

Whitney and Ray-J have been rumored to be on and off dating for quite some time now and it looks like this is one rumor that could be on the money.

The reality TV star even made sure his date was sitting comfortably in his whip securing her seat for her. What a gentleman! Whitney went even further and returned the favor by unlocking his car door from his side.

We're not sure what exactly is going on with this two but something tells us it's definitely more than a friendship!

Check out Whitney and Ray-J leaving their dinner in the gallery above, and take note of that bling on Whitney’s ring finger! The plot thickens.

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