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Friday, February 24, 2012

Tyler Perry Does A Real Life Good Deed.

While promoting his new film, "Good Deeds," actor, director and producer Tyler Perry did one of his own, donating the $98,000 to a pastor who has spent months occupying a Chicago rooftop in an effort to stop violence in a South Side neighborhood.

After burying 10 young black men from his congregation in a year, Rev. Corey Brooks of New Beginnings Church began a vigil atop a motel near his church he said welcomed the kind of crime that breeds violence, HuffPost Chicago blogger Hermene Hartman first reported. Living out of a tent since Nov. 22, Brooks refused to leave until he reached his $450,000 fundraising goal, the amount he would need to raze the building and replace it with a community center.

Brooks has only left the rooftop twice since November--to console the parents of two teens killed by gun violence, and attend their funerals.

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