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Saturday, February 11, 2012

One Of The Face Of The New Jim Crow...The Overseer

" The more things change, the more they remain the same" Michelle Alexander, " The New Jim Crow'
It is a disgrace and d*mn shame that people who are sworn to uphold the law, serve and protect the people of this country do so by such evil, crooked and immoral means. It makes me wonder just who are the real criminals!  Police officers in these great states of America, cross these lines every single day and to what retribution? I say how much and how long. Why are we paying them to honestly uphold the law, and stand by watching them use that very platform to break it. I am no longer in fear of any burglar, rapist, thief, or drunken driver. No, what I now fear are these monstrous cops in their unjust, brutal force  intoxicated by power forgetting their oath. An oath they took with their right hands raised, swearing to honor and uphold everything just. Instead they look for an opportunity, any opportunity to abuse that authority and think the world owes them respect! And let me say, this is not about African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanic, purple, or green. It’s about STINKING PIGS IN BLUE and the dirty sh*t they do!

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