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Saturday, February 4, 2012

GOP Out To Stomp Out The Poor People Revolution

Six protesters were arrested in a pre-dawn raid on the Occupy D.C. encampment in McPherson Square Saturday, and police began clearing away tents, debris and some dead rodents.

U.S. Park Police on horseback and on foot clad in riot gear swept into the park around 6 a.m. Several square blocks downtown were closed during the raid, which was characterized as “further enforcement” of a no-camping crackdown that began Monday.

Despite the show of force, relations between authorities and protesters remained largely peaceful. When police swept into the camp before sunrise, protesters didn’t resist but shouted “Wake up!” and chanted.

As U.S. Park Police in yellow hazmat suits and masks moved through the tents, they used poles to gingerly pick up used blankets, clothes and assorted debris and drop them into trash bags.

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