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Monday, July 9, 2012

Whites American Will Give All Their Money To Kick Other Black Family Out.

Those with money are doing everything in their power to keep President Obama from a second term. Will to spend their money to keep a "Nigga' out the White House. But want use their money to create jobs. Its not President Obama that has us under employed, but the racism in america that has us like this. It's not that they want Romey, but they just don't want a Black President. So they are doing everything in their power and money to make President Obama look bad.

The campaign to reelect President Barack Obama announced on Monday that it had raised $35 million less than the Mitt Romney campaign in June and has cited that gap in an email to supporters as a vehicle to request more donations. The campaign said it had raised $71 million in June -- its best monthly total to date -- to Romney's $106 million.
The figure includes money raised by the Democratic Party. The campaign said that more 706,000 people donated.
Here's the text of the full email, titled "Good News and Bad News."


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