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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Republicans Are Punishing African American For Putting A Black Man In The White House

The truth be told, the Republicans Party is doing everything it can to make President Obama look bad. The high unemployment in the black community is due to the high vote President Obama received. Anything that was meant to help the poor and middle class, has been blocked by the GOP. This is white america way of showing that an old way of thinking is true, " blacks are inferior."

Health Care Law Repeal

While Republicans lambast the cost of implementing health care reform, a new report shows that their efforts to repeal the law have come at a major cost to taxpayers -- to the tune of nearly $50 million.
The House of Representatives again voted to repeal President Obama's signature health care law on Wednesday, marking the 33rd time Republicans have attempted to take down the legislation. The 32 previous repeal efforts faltered at the hands of the Democrat-controlled Senate; the latest attempt is unlikely to break that pattern.
According to a report by CBS News, these efforts, widely viewed as symbolic political maneuvers, come with a high price tag.
CBS' Nancy Cordes reported Wednesday that Republicans' many fruitless attempts at repealing the Affordable Care Act have taken up at least 80 hours of time on the House floor since 2010, amounting to two full work weeks. As the House, according to the Congressional Research Service, costs taxpayers $24 million a week to operate, those two weeks amounted to a total cost of approximately $48 million.


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